GTA 6 Grand Theft Auto Release Date, Feature, Trailer, News, Maps and Characters

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto) has been around for 2 years and massive popularity of this video game is unparalleled. Now we are waiting for the updated version of the GTA 5 that is GTA 6. Nowadays, GTA 6 is in everyone’s mind and it is hogging all the limelight. This Rockstar game will make its existence perhaps in a couple of years. After the commendable response for the GTA 5, the new GTA 6 will hit the market or not. The excitement and eagerness among million of people for GTA 6 game are commendable.

What is GTA 6 is all about?

GTA 6 is about to gain huge popularity as it will be better and a number of interesting things added in it will be the reason behind its success. Well, it can be too early to jump into conclusion. Undoubtedly The Rockstar has gained the $ 800 million in its single day. The sale chart is proving that it will make the history again. There must be a willingness among people that what GTA 6 has to offer as far as its feature, design and many other factors is concerned.

GTA 6 Features Wishlist

Our finger is crossed and expectation is high. Various ideas and techniques have channelized in creating this latest version of the GTA. The innovative features indeed are an important factor to take into consideration or the detailed explanation. Let us make some effective wishlist of features for this captivated game GTA 6 that we have gathered through a survey. Check in below section:

1. Money making Missions

To insert more reality in the game, there would be a well programmed mission in the form of money making. The missions like robbing a bank, joining the army and many other activities will be included to keep the fun alive via reasonability. This mission will add more excitement to a player and accomplish the goal would be another factor that will be noted as big importance.

2. More Vehicles:

If you have played GTA 5, you might have seen the vehicles inside the game so with the GTA 6 there will be more vehicles availability. Hope this concept will be like by its fan. The advancement of the technology and techniques is the obvious change we would be able to see in GTA 6 undoubtedly. There will be the modification of the vehicle also so the player will enjoy more features in it in the form of neon light, speakers and much more as per the requirement for the users.

3. Buying House

Unlike GTA 5, there will be more options for a house to buy and the apartments. The concept of buying a house is amazing. So you are not limited to buy only one house. The will be tougher and its level will be more challenging to cross.

4. Background Sound

It is heard that the background voice of male and female player would be supported by Ryan Gosling and Hollywood actress Eva Mendesr. The leading character will give us interesting stroke of the game. GTA has always come with its mission and the inclusion of more mission in the latest version of the GTA will be rocking. All players will have more challenges to accomplish.

5. More interesting Clothes

The leading character can get clothes for anyone in the game. More characters will add more fun and drama in the game. The different outfits of every character will enhance the realness of the game. Other things like car, guns etc look exotic and wonderful. The whole effect creates the magical appearance and when you play it in HD screen the effect will be doubled in quality. It is also saying that clothes would be sexy.

The leading character

GTA 6 will go with the concept of having a female protagonist. This will be mind blowing and you may say there will be more fun with this change or this change may not be liked by many. The rumors are heading many facts. Grand Theft Auto 6 will govern by one main character. It is splashing everywhere so there is a chance to have it in reality. Dan Houser head writer for this game, once told in one of his interviews that he was not ready to give female character main part in DTA 5. But he does not reveal anything regarding DTA 6. As far as, various conceptions is revealing that female leading character will not be fit for the Rockstar Grand series Grand Theft Auto.

Location of GTA 6

GTA 6 is about to place in Vice City, Texas, and Housten. It is also saying that GTA 6 will be in an American city like New York City and Miami. The rumor is regulating that the US map in this game will add bigger cities.

VR Compatibility 

Virtual reality will be there in GTA 6.The technological concept of the sound of Sony play station with the support of the VR and that is also with the Gran Tourismo. The reality can be anything but by far it is saying that GTA 6 will be up with VR.

GTA 6 Connectivity with different Platforms

GTA 6 is the most happening game and it is before release very much in demand. So, the game will be supported by various platforms. One thing is sure on any platform it will be very smooth as the game is so light so there will be no lagging issue while playing this innovative game GTA 6.

GTA 6 For Xbox One

If you want the uninterrupted gaming experience with the GTA 6 in Xbox One, you need to wait a bit. It is not very up to the mark source of comfort for the performance. The game will be more rocking in this platform, once the working on its issue will be sorted out.

GTA 6 for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 will support the high definition graphic game GTA 6 but not in recent time. It will take the time to support this in the platform Xbox 360. This version is having a technical drawback in which the work of improvement is going on.

GTA 6 for PS4

GTA 6 for PS4 will be updated and PS4 will support this high definition graphic game. GTA 5 is already supporting PS4 and the smooth running of the game is making good remarks. PS4 is capable of being compatible with GTA 6 when it will be released in the market.

GTA for PS3

Play Station 3 is having a lack of technicality so it will not be compatible with the latest version of the game of GTA 6. PS 3 is outdated as per the higher updated version of the game requirements. Sony is also not supporting PS3 due to its lack of efficiency with a higher version of the game. Its compatibility is not smoother with the latest technologies.

GTA 6 Release Date

We did not get official updates about the release date of GTA 6. Few people are saying that it will be released in 2020. But I think it will be too late releasing date for GTA 6. Few sources are revealing that GTA 6 will come out 2018. Let us see which news will become real and our most enduring game GTA 6 will be around us. But as per the Rockstar that explains that the open world of LOS Santos is not easy to be created. The minimum time it will take is 5 years to have the biggest map ever in the game that includes all the city of US. We hope that we will get to see this best game of the world around us anytime soon.

Game Release Date
Grand Theft Auto 1997
Grand Theft Auto II 1999
Grand Theft Auto III 2001
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
GTA 6 2018?

Other facts

People want one thing more from a game creator that GTA 6 should be supported with the PC. The PC edition for GTA 6 predecessors is still not around. What can be expected from GTA 6 PC edition? This wait will not ever end perhaps.

GTA 6 Rumors

NPC with the GTA 6 is something we can have but not surely we can about this. NPC with the leading character can be more accentuated when it will be NPC.

Rumors can true or false. But we can conclude from the whole article that GTA 6 will be rocking whenever it will be around. Everyone will be agreed that 2020 will be very long time to wait for this most wanted game. Till then we can assure ourselves with its predecessors GTA 5. It is also promising and has secured a strong place in the web world. GTA 6 future will be decided with its existence in the market. As of now, it is making a lot of news that is considerable as a pinch of salt.